Dear Kristy

It is well to read everything of something, and something of everything. – Lord Henry P. Brougham

My darling Kristy:

I have been busy with work, kids, and other stuff. My deepest apologies for not giving you something to start your day with. I assure you I will work harder at it in the future…

Okay, maybe not.  Truth is I have been busy. I was working with another blogger (or two) to prepare some proposals for AAC 2009. I have been fighting the laundry monster at home and I am also still behind on this fabulously annoying audio editing project. In addition, I make it a bit of a rule not to blog for the sake of blogging but to use it as a creative outlet when I really have a thought or concept or some sort of prompt.

I have clearly been a bit empty headed of late.

I do want to share a new blogger with you. Add her to your reader and maybe she can keep you entertained during my down times.  Below excerpt is from one of her recent posts.  Following the credit/link for more.

"If I had told my daughter I gave her up because I "loved" her so much, she would have laughed at me. Plain and simple, the word "loving" is used to make adoptive families feel good. Yes, they want to think, the natural mother/teenager/poor woman realized that she couldn’t give her child all the niceties that money can buy and because she didn’t want her child to be poor and foolish like her, so she gave us this baby so we can shower it with our love as well as–gee–all that money can buy. Really, how many women who have a fat bankroll give children up because they "love" them so much? None. How many 35 year-olds with careers make this "loving" decision to "complete" someone else’s family plans? If the decision is so "loving" why are adoptees so angry–to judge from their memoirs–after they are reunited?"Firstmother Forum

Have a good weekend Kristy.

: )


Your friend Suz

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  1. I feel so special!!!!!!! A post to me *Hee Hee*
    At least you know that Suz’s blog is how I start my day!
    *Hugs* and you have a good weekend too!

  2. Hey, thanks for the nice comment about firstmother forum…our new blog. I feel like we are swimming upstream, but hey, I’m going to assume it’s no different from adding another book to one’s library.
    take care, from another recovering catholic…

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