Pipelines and Webs

“Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive” – Sir Walter Scott

Yet another Easter House adoptee has surfaced in the State of New Jersey.

The poor girl thought I was psychic when I guessed the state she was adopted into. For reasons I have yet to determine, Kurtz had a baby pipeline running from IL to NJ during the 1980s.  I envision a laundry shoot where Kurtz agency social wreckers regularly fed infants into one end of the chute and adoptive parents pulled them out the other side, dusted them off, wrapped them up, renamed them, and settled them into a nice cozy colonial in The Garden State.

The number of Kurtz, particularly Easter House, adoptees into NJ is staggering to me. So much so, that I once had a war room established in my old home. I took sticky notes and thread and tried to connect all the deliveries. There has to be a connection. Did the adoptive parents use the same fertility center? Same lawyer? Did Kurtz or Milajlovic have a summer home on the Jersey shore where they entertained infertile couples as a sales and marketing strategy?

I started to make some progress and then I had to pack up and move. I don’t have the space in my new place to set up this war room, but perhaps I can purchase some data modeling software. I am confident there is some connection. My curious self just needs to know. It actually keeps me up at night. I feel like there is something really important there I need to find. I cannot explain. I am just driven.

The latest adoptee is yet another gem. She is a year younger than my daughter and is just now beginning to inquire about her birthparents, the agency she was purchased from and what this means to her as an individual. Again, I am honored to know her. She makes me smile. Her maturity, her strength, her honesty is encouraging. She is shocked to discover the details of the agency she was adopted from and struggling with the idea that her mother might have been one of those that were drugged or coerced. I am sure she will be fine. She is a pretty cool chiquita.

In separate Kurtz news, a friend who recently found her child was told by the adoptive parents that the final cost (to the aparents) for her child was close to 100K. This was not quite twenty years ago. The original purchase price was quoted as twenty-five thousand dollars. By the time the transaction was finalized, the adoptive parents expenses were close to one hundred thousand dollars. This child was born and surrendered in Maryland, transported by the agency to Arkansas to conduct the adoption (and take advantage of Arkansas law) and eventually ended up in NY. This surprised the mother but did not surprise me. Kurtz regularly transported babies across state lines to take advantage of more conservative or restrictive jurisdictions. They also crossed agencies. Mothers who surrendered their children to Birth Hope in Nevada or Arizona learned upon reunion their children were taken to Georgia to be cared for by Friends of Children and then later adopted into New York.

Kurtz may have woven a tight web but day by day, mother by mother, child by child, we are unraveling it.

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  1. There are links, I’m sure of it. I found a link between my hospital and the agency, cause my daughter’s pediatrician was related to someone who worked in the agency. If you are up for it, or haven’t read it, “Georgia Tann: The Baby Thief Who Corrupted Adoption” may offer some insight. It keeps me up at night sometimes too.

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