2 Do List

“I long to accomplish a great and noble task; but it is my chief duty to accomplish small tasks as if they were great and noble” – Helen Keller

I am a list maker.

This is what I am doing this week:

  • Continuing to edit audio. Ho hum.
  • Making 400 flash files from said audio files. Ho hum #2.
  • Researching the scholarship I want to create in honor of my daughter in lieu of sending gifts to her. I have a name that is a combination of her original and amended name. It is a real word that in Latin means nourishing and kind. I like that symbolism for a scholarship I would like to make available to single mothers.
  • Preparing two proposals to speak at two separate adoption conferences. One in Ohio next year and another in Cambridge, Mass next year.
  • Getting my hair colored (again).  Time for a new color.  Dark Burgundy or Chocolate Brown?
  • Visiting IKEA to buy some KLIMT wall art and dividers.
  • Grocery shopping.
  • Converting my site to JOOMLA.
  • Planning a vacation to Jersey shore (Wildwood).
  • Planning childcare for August.
  • Planning a long weekend in Chicago. It it time. I have "itchy feet" as my German friends say.
  • Stressing over my cats recent tendency to be aggressive with my youngest son for no apparent reason. The thought of getting rid of him aches my heart but the thought of him hurting my child nearly kills me. I don’t have any explanation for this. He has grown steadily more aggressive as he ages. I wonder if it is because he is home alone too much? The kids are only here part time? I don’t know. But I wont risk my child to spare a cat. (Sorry PETA).  He is incredibly intelligent, adorable but this agressive tendency is worrisome.
  • Researching writers retreats. Even a long weekend at Gotham in NYC would do me good.
  • Looking into a gym membership.
  • Reading up on dehumanization particularly how it applies to mothers who surrender their children to adoption.
  • Trying to minimize the anxiety and regret I have over sharing something personal with someone I dont trust and feel is a bit unstable.

8 Thoughts.

  1. Dan – Fascinating? LOL. Try nerve wracking. Sometimes I am too hopeful and have too much faith in people. I need to be a bit more select. I am working on it.

  2. Maybe the last one is in part related to the next to last one. We have to learn human boundaries and respect.

  3. Suz & boys:
    I am so sorry to hear about kitty. I dont know what happens when they get aggressive like that. My kitty was so loving and adored me. All of a sudden he started to attack me. Just never knew when he would strike out at me. So, I am very careful when I get near him. I have the feeling he is mad at me. I dont really spend the time with him as I used to.

  4. Suz, isn’t your younger son a tween? If he’s approaching puberty, the cat may be sensing the hormone shifts. I do pro bono work for a no-kill shelter. I will ask her if she knows.

  5. Ohio? Ohhhh, let me know when you’ll be in Ohio. Of course it’s a big state, but if I could at all meet you, I’d love to!!

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