"This isn’t coincidence, there’s no such thing" – Brandon Boyd

My niece who bears the same name as my daughters amended graduated high school last night.

As I sat and watched the ceremony it occurred to me that she, named M, graduated high school the same year my daughter, named M, graduated college.

Coincidence I know, but that sort of weird stuff can be highly triggering. You sit in one benign environment trying to celebrate one young woman and the invasion of emotions related to another arrive like a tidal wave.

Congratulations to my niece.

Picture here  for a short time.

4 Thoughts.

  1. Congratulations to her. So very pretty, young and fresh.
    When you have your youth, you have everything.

  2. Ah, commencement can break all sorts of things loose. Congratulations to your lovely neice, same graduating class as my grandson. No pic.

  3. Awwww, gorgeous!! Wow- you guys really do the whole cap and gown thing for highschool don’t you? We don’t do that here lol.

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