Oh My

In checking my daughters college calendar (to make sure I mail her stuff before she leaves the residence halls), I discovered they have a section of their site dedicated to graduation.

I clicked on over and then discovered they had their 2007 commencement ONLINE – video and audio.

I might be able to remotely (even after the fact) see her graduate after all.

I wonder if they will post the 2008 commencement too?

4 Thoughts.

  1. Awesome! I just checked P’s school, and they stream the event. I bet they’ll have it, maybe even in real time!!

  2. Oh Suz I’m crossing my fingers here. I really hope they do. (Even though I’m angry that you’re not there) (And I wasn’t sure if I should write that or not but it’s how I feel)

  3. Suz, when I graduated a few years ago they started showing the graduation live on the internet so that friends and family that couldn’t make it to the graduation could still be there in the moment. I sure hope they do this at your daughter’s school – or at the very least post it after the fact!
    I know most schools sell the video too.
    Best of luck!!!

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