One Order of Hugs and Snugs, Please.

"Everybody needs a hug.  It changes your metabolism."  ~Leo Buscaglia

I have been reading about other mothers taking a break from their adoption blogs or considering making them private.

I understand this.  I have been pondering same.

I would not make it private. I find that annoying and decreases readership when someone has to remember my password. (It is one reason why I don’t ask for passwords of those that go private. I never remember them.)

I am more likely to take a break. Of all the possible stressors in my life, dealing with adoption related trauma and topics ranks at the top of the list. Add regular life stuff to it, and I turn into a bumbling idiot (that leaves her car running).

The past few weeks have been hell on me. Other than losing my daughter to baby brokers, I don’t think I have ever been under so much pressure. Financial issues caused by divorce, house sale and closing, finding a new place to live, dealing with my sons pending surgery (minor), changing jobs. I am beat. Drawn. Exhausted. Depleted.

I have been staying away from the computer in the evenings. This was not a decision made with intent. It was dictated by the environment. I sold my home office furniture and desk and currently the only way to work on a computer is to sit with my laptop on top of two packed boxes. It is not comfortable.

I have also been sick with a respiratory thing and I just don’t have the energy. My hair is falling out in massive clumps (all stress related). My master bathroom sink is getting regular servings of Draino to deal with the nests of red and burgundy hair that seem to collect there (mea culpa future owners). My back is tight and sore and I have lost weight.

My daughters’ college graduation is on the horizon as is her 22 birthday. I am hoping to get a gift out to her and I am behind in both shopping, wrapping and shipping. I must do it soon for as soon as she leaves college I will be prohibited from mailing more gifts. I am not permitted to mail anything to her parents home (they don’t appreciate it). Alas, more stress.

So yeah, I want a break. More than that I want to be snuggled and cry for a bit. I think of my friend Joe and his use of the "hugs and snugs menu" term. I could use some.

I need to place an order.

14 Thoughts.

  1. I wish I didn’t have to send you virtual hugs. 🙁 Please don’t shut down the blog. Sure, take a break, take care of yourself but leave it up because I hope hope hope that you will be back when life gives you a little bit of a break.

  2. *hugs and snugs*, Suz. You DO have a lot on your plate. Sure wish there was someone who could help you out with all of that.

  3. My Dear Suz,
    I am thinking of you and wishing I could help in some small way!

  4. Sorry Suz: You sure do need a break. Maybe lighten on some of the things to do. Not the writing that is definitly your outlet, your passion!
    Once your’e settled in your new place things will be better and so will you.
    Right now, take it easy. Worse thing is the stress all it does it make one sick.
    Hair loss is chilling! I started losing mine in chunks and bald spots. I was going to dermo l x week. Got corisone shots and it stopped. thing is it takes so long to grow from whispies.
    Starbucks creme Liquer straight! I know I’m small time. It is warming.
    Hugs to you and a big bunch of White Tulips. They have a calmness about them.

  5. Hi Suz,
    I’m sorry you are having such a Horrid time of it. 🙁 I will send you a virtual Hug…
    I dont know if you have Redken there ? but if you do the Foils Fuel Ampules are the best..I’ve lost loads of hair from childbirth and apart from LUSH’s NEW which they removed off the market here in Oz, this is the only other thing that makes the hair stronger and thicker. It comes in a box of 5 ampule sachet thingys. Unfortunately they are not that cheap but they do work.
    I hope you get better soon and I hope things turn around for you soon ((((((((HUGS)))))))

  6. I hope that things get better for you soon! Life can be very stressful at times! I can let you borrow my 18yo who has decided that she wants to work ft and quit school…can you say MAJOR stress on MOM! Seriously, I do hope that you will take care of yourself and the boys and put everything else on a back-burner for a little while! Hugs to you!

  7. Well after unloading in my last comment to previous post I feel bad.
    I think you should look after yourself and if you need to take a break yes take it. You can only fight on so many fronts at once and it sounds like you have a lot going on.
    Will be thinking of you and sending you hugs too.

  8. Another helping of hugs and snugs coming your way, Suz. Take good care. This too shall pass…

  9. Oh god Suz you have so much going on. There’s only so many hours in a day, and that’s when things are on an even keel. With all this extra stuff, I feel so bad, it all sounds so heavy.

  10. You know, I’ve only just discovered your blog, and it’s really well written. I’m constantly looking for the experiences of people in my situation, but have yet to find a good match. However, your observations are so good and clear and observant I’ve added a link (as 1 of only two) to my own.
    My half brother found me about two years ago. I’m not finding it easy.
    But I do wish people in Europe also wrote about this… You guys are way ahead of us in this department!
    Take a break if you need it. But please come back when you feel stronger.

  11. Feeling your silence. Good for you! Use it to do what you need to do. No pressure. Just know that you are missed.

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