Son a Poet and I did not know it.

"Writing a poem is discovering” – Robert Frost

Her eyes were a brilliant turquoise blue and seemed to reflect off of her equally blue shirt.  In contrast, my son’s freckled cheeks were the most adorable pink due to his full blush.

My ex-husband and I had just shared with my sons’ blue-eyed teacher the name of his classroom crush.  My son quickly gave me the “MA!” look and then blushed a deep pink.

We all chuckled.

As we left the parent-teacher conference, I marveled over my son. I am so proud of him. He has done so well since we took him out of the alleged blue ribbon public school system in our town and transferred him to the Magnet school a few towns away. As his teacher said, he has “blossomed”. Even in light of his parents’ divorce, his father moving out to a new apartment and us entering into family therapy, his grades have improved and his smiles have widened.

His teacher reports he is extremely well liked, well rounded and has a great sense of humor. (All true).  His reading, comprehension and spelling have greatly improved and where he was once a B’ish student he is now an A and A+.  (Bless you Howard Gardner and your theory of multiple intelligences.) And oh yeah, the teacher adds nonchalantly, he will likely be invited to join the Math Olympiad next year. His CREC assessment for math noted him the highest in his class. If his CMT’s come back supporting that result, he will be asked to join the Olympiad next fall.

And did I read his poetry his teacher asked? Poetry? What poetry?  My son writes poems?

I noted I had not seen any poem and she informed me it was hanging on the bulletin board in the hallway. It was so good they did not want to let it go home yet.

My son writes excellent poetry.  My son who two years ago was in remedial reading at his old school is now reading at or above grade level and writing poetry. Be still my writer heart.

We walked by the poem inspired by Ode to Night. I was moved to tears. He writes. He has talent. He and I have something in common.

And for the first time ever, a visit to my sons’ school, a viewing of his project and work did NOT include a reference to his absent sister.

Of course I thought about her – but only in relation to the fact that she was finally not making a star appearance in his school work.  I am not embarrassed to admit I was relieved that I was able to finally focus on my son and his wonder and not get the emotional interference of the loss of my daughter.

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  1. I just loved that last paragraph. Best of all how well your boy is doing in school. As many of your moms know the frustrations that can come from schools, teachers, and those reports. So, when all is going well in their school work it is a great applaud to all. Yes! It was his day with Mom and Dad. He deserves a big smooch on the cheek from one of his mom’s readers 🙂 I loved this one.

  2. Congratulations to you and your beautiful, smart, sensitive, and THRIVING young son.
    I really loved that post.

  3. Well, Suz you said to post this here. So, for everyone else – sorry this is so long. 🙂
    I have two sets of siblings – a brother from my mom and my step-dad and twin brother and sister from my dad and my step-mom. The twins were born when my brother was 5. He was in kindergarten and was all excited about his new brother and sister. We tried over and over to explain to him that they were not his brother and sister. They were mine. He did not get it. Or he refused to get it. For school he had to draw a picture of his family. He drew his mom and dad, him and his sister (me), his step-mom and step-dad (my dad and my step-mom) and his new baby brother and sister. Threw the teacher for a loop. My mom tried and tried to explain it. He was adament.
    Eventually he really stopped talking about them. He grew up and we all assumed he had come to realize they were not his family. Well, a week ago he sheepishly gave me a paper he wrote for a family development class in college. It was supposed to be a report about his family and how they shape him. Well, there were the twins. I was floored. He talked about how they were not truly related to him but how he had always considered them his brother and sister too. Now, understand they are not close. He has met them, maybe three times in his life.
    I realize that your daughter is truly their sister and so the parallel is limited. However, over time your boys will probably hear several times how they have no right to claim her. I am not saying that but people might. I don’t know I felt compelled to tell you this. It seemed to go along with you and your family right now. Also, after reading my brother’s paper I am going to work on spending time with all three together. Hopefully they can develop a relationship. So, if there is a point maybe it is that even if it takes a lifetime, they may get the chance to know their sister.

  4. Seems like no matter what we do we always have our children with us…the absentee ones. In a way I think it is sad that we can’t devote ALL of our attention to the children that we have with us. Do they know that we don’t and do they feel a little cheated? Glad that you were able to devote this time for your son! He deserves it and so do you! Hugs!

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