He is Risen, She is Lost

" Now, if we are going to
celebrate anything in America and it must be associated with death,
then let’s instead, on a national scale, have a day of acknowledgment
for the soldiers who currently sacrifice themselves for a country; one
in which the habitants brush off a soldier’s efforts and say it’s his
patriotic obligation and nothing more while they pay tithing and empty
themselves of reason for a religion. A religion, I might add, that
birthed impetus for war: the conflicting religious difference between
Muslims and Christians, a president that said he was carrying out God’s
will by invading Iraq, and the Christian support for the war." –
Reconstruction of Reason

Putting aside the fact that I am not religious, I have disliked easter since 1986 even more than I did when I was a child.

The name of the agency that sold my daughter is Easter House.

I remember asking the caseworker why it was named such.  She recited some religious babble about Christ’s resurrection and his life beginning anew. She actually made some odd adoption connection that by giving my daughter away I was giving her a new life and thereby saving her from the "dead life" with me. It was an odd exchange.  An agnostic even then, I recall sitting there, staring at her, secretly thinking that her explanation was as unbelievable at Father Pcolka’s sermons at Sunday mass.

Many years later, when I began ehbabes.com and started to amass reams of papers on the agency, I was not the least bit surprised to see similar religious propaganda in  marketing materials the agency sent to prospective adopters. Some of their materials quoted from the Talmud. Others from the bible.  How wise of them to be an equal opportunity agency and quote appropriate religious scripture to suit their client base. Adoption, is, after all "gods plan", right?  Appeal to a persons religion, tell them by adopting (or buying) a baby they will be guaranteed a seat in heaven, able to cut to the front of the line and shake hands with St. Peter, and poof the PAPS  give you buckets of money. Pretty good racket, no? A baby and passage into heaven? Who could resist? How much can I pay? Where do I sign up? Will I get my own special cloud to float on? An extra set of angels?

Um, sorry, but I am not feeling it.  No Easter for me.  I have had nearly twenty two years of Easter. I am quite sick of it.

Yeah, he is risen and she is still lost as are so many others, all in his name.

Nothing to celebrate there.