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  1. As much as I want to watch this, I just can’t – it brings back too many sad memories for me,
    I just can’t get past the isolation that the nurse speak of – I just break down in tears and can’t go any further.

  2. Suz, will you PLEASE contact me at my email provided above? I REALLY need to talk with you. Its important. I’m leaving right now, but will be home in a few hours. Please.
    🙂 thank you!! Its good. Its really good.

  3. I don’t usually watch videos appearing on adoption blogs. Kinda like avoiding adoption movies. Tried it once. It hurts too much… still. I watched this one. Going back to not watching.

  4. The stories of “coincidences” like this are legion in adoption reunions. Kinda makes you think that there is something cosmic going on, doesn’t it. Never thought like this before I met my son but now I do. When I was looking for him there was always someone there for me – sometimes someone I knew, sometimes a stranger, an adoptee looking for her parents,sometimes it was his father. People appeared in my life who amazingly had information for me about him. Sometimes it made me happy, sometimes, hearing about his family situation, it made me cry in restaurants. But there was a force at work in the universe as I was looking for him and after I found him.
    Err I give the impression that all is hearts and flowers in my own situation want to say that it is not always. This is the most complicated relationship you will ever be in. But even with all its complications – to know who he is where he is and how he is – to know even with its complications is soooo much better than to not.

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