The In Crowd

“Nonconformists travel as a rule in bunches. You rarely find a nonconformist who goes it alone. And woe to him inside a nonconformist clique who does not conform with nonconformity.” – Eric Hoffer

Seems to be that students at Wittenburg University in Ohio are doing a class assignment on adoption.  Nic noted their traffic in her blog and I checked mine as well.

I feel so honored! I am in the cool kids clique.  Must be the funny bones I serve at my table. Or maybe it is that Nic is sitting with me. Hey Claud, are they trolling you too?  Anyone else?

On a more serious note, like Nic, I am curious what the students are writing about, what they glean from my blog,  Nics or anyone else they are presumably using as a case study.

Are they pro or anti family preservation? Are they attempting to show the traumatic affects of separating mother from child?  Perhaps some work on Primal Wound?  Or shudder the thought, are they hoping to produce some material to support the NCFA and ongoing heinous practices of the United States Adoption Industry. Is my blog the proof they search to prove we are all a bunch of nutters that deserved to lose our children?

Do tell dear students! If I can help you more directly, feel free to write me.  Email addy found on the about me page (along with a lovely picture and some bio text).

Happy studying!

3 Thoughts.

  1. What I’m wondering now is how the professor found us, as it does indeed appear this is an assignment.
    We all link to each other. But are any of us on the same “read this blog” lists? Not sure about that.
    Is the prof a regular blog reader? Has she (or he) been reading for a while… or did select the class topic without knowing about our blogs, do some Googling in preparation for the class, and then find us?
    I am now hopeful about the entire thing. You, Coco, me… we’re not exactly THE most controversial natural mom bloggers, you know? If the prof were an NCFA cheerleader, she could have easily picked blogs with a LOT stronger language to direct her students to.
    Starting to relax now.
    But still darn curious about the whole thing. And wondering how exactly our blogs were found and selected, you know? Because, damn, if we can get our stories into OTHER classes, too, well… academia could be a damn good avenue for helping to dispel some of the propaganda myths in mainstream culture!

  2. Hi Suz! You’re in on the assignment, too, huh?
    We must be more awesome than we previously suspected. 😉

  3. Sob… I checked my stats and nobody from Ohio is watching me. I feel so left out! 🙁
    Very cool though, that a professor anywhere has deemed adoption important enough to study. They could get quite an earful at the adoptese message board.

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