Law of Attraction

"We don’t attract what we want, we attract what we are." – Unknown

I met Mr. Dink on a social networking site. Okay, some might call it a dating site but since I did not stumble upon it or join it for a dating purpose, I don’t necessarily consider it a dating site.

But I suppose it is. 

I found it after I took a personality test on Facebook. Unknown to me, the test was an app by the aforementioned site. Upon taking the test, you had to join that site to get your results.

I was annoyed but I am that much of a personality test dork that I just HAD to have my results.

And hence, I stumbled upon Mr. Dink.  I would have to go back into my emails to refresh my memory but I can tell you that immediately, somehow, he struck me as a bright, decent, caring person I wanted to get to know.

And so I have. 

I believe it was a few days into our online pen pal relationship that his status as an adoptive dad came out. Shocked, startled, unsure, I struggled for at least 24 hours with my decision to continue – or not – corresponding with him. 

Clearly I did and I am glad I did. (To me, for me, it showed some sort of growth or maturity or healing that I could not only befriend but later date an adoptive father. Boo to all of those adoptive parent haters who will tell me I betray the cause. I will deal with you later.  Have you heard of sleeping with the enemy? Or keep your friends close but your enemies closer? Kidding. Mr. Dink is no enemy – adoptive dad or not. LOL)

But Mr. Dink is not really the point of this post, he is being used to set the stage. (And frankly, I am sure even HE is tired of me talking about him.).

I have continued to randomly peruse this online site. I switch up my photos, change my bio, take more silly tests.  My participation on the site usually has much to do with my insomnia. It is how I pass the time when I cannot sleep.

Sooo, I begin corresponding with two more gents. Unlike Mr. Dink, these guys are just nice interesting peeps. I am not interested in dating them. They are true penpals. One lives up north and the other out west.

Well, imagine my surprise when I learn that Mr. Upnorth is a first dad who lost his first born child to adoption. Unknown to him till after the fact, his high school sweetheart was pregnant and surrendered their child.

Odd? Well, maybe.

But Mr. Outwest?

He tells me today that his ex wife is an adoptee in reunion who was reunited three years ago.

What the hell?

Is every single person I encounter somehow affected by adoption? How is that random people on a social networking site, that decided to converse with ME are affected by adoption?

Like bees to honey or flies to poo, adoption finds me.

Am I the honey or the poo?

4 Thoughts.

  1. But of course, you’re the honey, hunny.
    That IS quite the coincidence though.
    Or IS it????
    [cue the dramatic music]

  2. One of the principles of the Law of Attraction is that when we are ready to learn the teachers show up. We don’t need to go looking for them, they find us. So maybe the question is who is the teacher and who is the student? Maybe it doesn’t matter either way. Maybe it’s a little of both.

  3. Mia’s right. People come into our lives for a reason. Sometimes for us, sometimes for them. When I first got into reunion, which opened the flood gates to talk and write about it, people with all kinds of connections to adoption came out of the woodwork. It is weird, but wonderful.

  4. You’re always the honey, Suz.
    People are drawn to you. You happen to attract adoption-touched people notably often, but I suspect you’re quite a light that pulls people toward you in any respect.
    I think it’s a nice thing.

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