Angels and Demons

"Hell is empty and the devils are here" – William Shakespeare

It is rumored (more than rumored actually – fairly certain in fact) that the agency that sold my daughter is once again on the brink of being dissolved.  I was contacted by a prospective adoptive family who had paid their placement fee to the cretins last fall and later received a letter stating the agency was being forced to cease placements. (Naturally, there was no refund to the prospective adopters. Knowing that the agency had been marketing children last year for a small fee of $50k, I wonder how much the prospective adopters actually lost?)

Statements like "DCFS intended to raid the agency and confiscate all records"…"investigations underway due to tax issues…" and "all placements have ceased" cause me to experience a little jolt of excitement. (Okay, maybe it was a ginormous jolt.)

While I am on one hand very excited at the prospect of these barbarians being shut down, I am also well versed enough in their tactics to know they will likely set up shop in another State or under the umbrella of another agency name. While one agency may fall, the monsters behind it still retain a license under another agency in IL and other states.

In fact, when I attended the Ethics Conference last fall, I was approached (rather covertly I might add) by an adoption agency worker from an Indiana agency. She informed me that the midwestern agencies had been talking about Kurtz setting up shop again in Georgia. It was startling to me (for some silly reason) that afer telling my story at the conference — without mentioning the agency name – that other industry professionals knew exactly who I was talking about.  These professionals approached me quietly, in darkened corners and whispered the agency name. It was all rather odd. It was also rather disturbing. It seems fairly obvious to many that this network is unethical yet all we can muster to stop them is whispered conversations in darkened corners?

I have, to date, been unable to confirm that the agency has indeed reestablished itself in Georgia but the search continues.

Tracking and reporting on these folks is rather like playing a game of whac- a- mole. Knock one down and another mole pops up in another location. 

I am not discouraged. I will keep on whacking until their machine is brought to its knees. At the very very least, I will keep on talking and sharing so that prospective adopters, expectant mothers, adopted adults and regulatory officials can be aware of their antics.

I have encouraged my group (individuals who were either sold by this agency or had their children sold to the highest bidder) to write to IL DCFS to state their positions, express concerns and offer to support the state in their quest to slay this beast.

While the possible shut down of the agency may chop off only one leg of the jackal, it is still a leg and loss of that limb will indeed cause the beast to walk a little slower.

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  1. It’s like the evil being inducing fear and everyone cowers. Interesting that so many agencies know what goes on and still won’t speak up. Yet these same agencies constantly cry out that they are ethical. I’m glad you’re not cowering Suz.

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