Do you have food up there?

“Everywhere is walking distance if you have the time.” – Stephen Wright

A few weeks back my friend, you know him as Mr. Shrinky Dink, shared with me. I thought it was cool. I added it to my blog. I am a visual person. Maps, stats, data? Wooohoo, happy dance.

But after a few weeks of viewing it, I have to ask you – go look at it.

Click the little black and red box with the number in it on the left bar. It should take you to a map of the of the world  (if it doesn’t, click maps).  The blue stars denote where my blog visitors come from.

See that star waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay the frick up in the tundra of Canada? Who lives there? OMG! Do you have food up there? Running water? Heat? Does Santa live next door to you?

Dang!  I hope you are warm my very north visitor.

Trish is that you?

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