A Tale of Two Ladies

"Synchronistic events offer us perceptions that may be useful in our psychological and spiritual growth and may reveal to us, through intuitive knowledge, that our lives have meaning. "- Jean Shinoda Bolen, MD, The Tao of Psychology, p.7

I find it spooky.

Or weird.

Or odd.

Or coincidental.

Or indicative of some other power at work here.

Let me explain.

It is a tale of two Ladies.

Lady 1 is an adoptee from Easter House. She was born in IL and adopted by a family in IL. She and I became friendly several years ago via my ehbabes.com list and we eventually found her mother, also in IL.  Lady 1’s first mother went to high school with another mom that lived in the maternity home with me. Odd? Coincidence? Perhaps.

I visit Chicago last fall to meet with Lady 1 and her partner.  They are both in their early 20s and excited about moving to Chicago. They obtained an apartment in Lakeview East. I used to live in the same neighborhood right after I lost my daughter to adoption.   Lady 1 is excited and wants to show me the apartment.

Imagine my shock to arrive there and find out that Lady 1, adoptee, I reunited with her first mom, is living in the EXACT SAME APARTMENT I lived in 21 years prior.

Now to Lady 2.

Lady 2 and I met online five years ago. She lost her daughter to Easter House, the same agency I lost mine to. Only Lady 2 surrendered in my home state. Odd? Just a tad bit.  Lady 2 contacts me two weeks ago. Her daughter is now 20 and she wants to find her. I agree to help.

In our discussions, we learn that Lady 2 lives four miles from me.

We meet for dinner and have a lovely evening. During conversation, Lady 2 (who has the SAME NAME as Lady 1 above), tells me where she and her husband live. I dont tell her at that time but it reminds me that my ex husband and I once looked at a home on the same street.

Yesterday, while shopping in the area, I decide to drive down the street of Lady 2 and see if I am remembering correctly that we did indeed look at a house on that street.

Sure enough, I see it. Slow down, smile. It is still a very cute home.

Going on my way, I send Lady 2 an email from my phone. I tell her that I once considered buying a house on her street. I tell her the house number and why we did not buy it.

Lady 2, Easter House mother, writes me back and tells me SHE LIVES IN THAT HOUSE. She bought the house when my husband and I passed on it.

Is that just a tad bit weird?

Two Easter House adoption torched indivduals living in homes I either lived in prior to them or considered buying prior to them?

3 Thoughts.

  1. Synchronistic tendacies in adoption. Yep had a few of those. My natural father called the agency on Dec. 20. My oldest daughter was born on Dec. 20 thirty one years later. My natural mother used the name Ann at the home. My daughters, Dakota Anne and Cheyenne Nicole have it in their names. My natural father was supposedly from Texas. He was also called petite back then. I have been living in Texas most of my life. I married a man who is scrawny or “petite.”
    My fears from Synchronicity is that my ex-boyfriend will be brought back into my life. His ex wife is from Indiana. She is also four years older than me. She is from northern Indiana which is where I think my natural family is from. It would freak all of us out if she was my sister. He pined away for me for years. Every woman that he has ever dated has had to deal with my ghost. I really don’t need that situation in my life.

  2. Suz: To me, sometimes the subjects that you write about are amazing to those of us who experience similar coincidences in our life. Not everyone will understand the above concept. When this happens to me it is a chilling experience at first. It can linger for days. But allows me to think that with each event in our lives our circle becomes smaller into the spiritual existance of all that we created. Each stroke evolves closer into the meaning of what we fear most. Never be afraid of it, its phenominal to our lives. Learn from it.

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