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“To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.” – Abraham Lincoln

I have had a poll on the right nav bar of my blog for almost a year. The poll question asks "Who is protected by closed records?" and gives three options: adoptive parents, adoptees or natural parents.

Several of my blog visitors noted they could not vote as they disagreed with the word "protected". They offered up "benefited from".  Even with the word change, many would say the same as my poll results show: adoptive parents benefit and are protected by closed records.

This is where the secret comes in.  Are ya ready?

Come close to your monitor. Put your ear up real close. I will not repeat myself.  I am going to whisper.

No, closer. Closer. A little bit closer.

Okay, this is the deal.

Why don’t we open all the records but not tell the adoptive parents? 

Isn’t that a fabulous idea?  Sssh. No. Don’t laugh. Someone might hear you.  I think it is a fabulous idea. Lets open them all and chalk it up to what they don’t know wont hurt them, mkay?

Oh, shoot, you are right, what about those adoptive parents who are also adoptees?

Hmm, okay, how about we send all adoptive parents a consent form.  On the form they will be asked to check  off "yes" or "no". The question will be a simple one. If adoption records are opened do you want to know about it? If they check no, well, we simply wont tell them. 

Oh, okay, I gather that won’t work at all.

If the majority of my blog visitors (which is such an amazingly accurate sample size, right?) think closed records are benefiting adoptive parents, can someone explain why adoptees and their natural families cannot have them opened?

The days of being stigmatized as a bastard are long gone. And guess what? Here is another secret. (Yes, come closer to the monitor. I am going to whisper this one too.). The bastards know they are bastards. Yup. Shocking. I know. But its true. Someone actually told them that they were adopted. And you know what else? Some of them aren’t really bastards. Some were born to married parents that surrendered them. Should they be called bastards? Its a tad bit inaccurate, no? You are protecting them from something already know. So, um, hello? I remain confused.

Finally, and more importantly, I would like all natural mothers to consider attending or supporting the Adoptee Rights Protest to be held in New Orleans.

The powers that be like to use mothers like me, and YOU, as the excuse for keeping records closed. (We are still getting a bad rap after all these years. The loss of your child to adoption is not the gift that keeps on giving but more like the wound that keeps on bleeding.) Again, they speak for us.   Again, they steal our voice.  No more. I believe it would an enormous show of support for our adopted adults if mothers showed up at their protest. 

Silent all these years. No more. Don’t let them speak for us or use us as the excuse our children cannot have their true identities back.

Help stop the insanity for all of us.

A Day for Adoptee Rights!
Tuesday July 22, 2008
New Orleans, LA
Lafayette Square

If you are not adopted, chances are you do not even know about adoptees being denied their birth certificates by 44 of our 50 United States. It is time for us to unite, and take a stand against our sealed records and for the discrimination to come to an end. The state legislatures have the power to unseal our records, which is why we will be protesting our sealed records at the Annual State Legislatures Convention, where over 10,000 legislatures are expected to be in attendance.

Bastard Nation, the nations largest adoptee rights organization has proudly co-sponsored the event. Together we will be getting a booth inside the Legislatures Convention to have floor time with the legislatures to let them know we’re not taking this issue lightly, we mean business, and the time to restore our rights is NOW.

Sunday July 20th, 2008 Bastard Nation is having a teach-in that you do not want to miss. Tuesday July 22, 2008 all protestors are to meet at Lafayette Square where we will have speakers, and a rally. Together, we will then march to the Ernest Morial Convention Center where all of the legislatures will be attending their annual meeting and we will have an old fashioned picket for our Adoptee Rights in front of the center.

If you know an adoptee, are an adoptee or love an adoptee, the time to show your support for this event is now! You do not have to be adopted to be in attendance, this is for EVERYONE who believes in open records for adult adoptees. We are depending on donations for the life and growth of this protest so please consider donating today! Thank you to all who have donated thus far, this protest wouldn’t be happening without YOU. Visit our home base today to buy clothing for the protest, we have merchandise from Bastard Nation as well as Adoptees Unite, each will definitely dress you in full Adoptee Rights attire for the protest.

Keep you eyes and ears open and get in on the auction we’ll be having on site soon for a free room at the protest! May this New Year bring openness, honesty and truth to adoptees around the world!

Don’t hesitate, visit our website today!

3 Thoughts.

  1. You silly! Thinking the the adopted people and the people who lose the adopted people get to have a say in things! What craziness will come out of your whispering monitor next! Next thing you know you’ll be talking about family preservation or some other wacky idea! (You know, it occurs to me that maybe some of your blog readers might think I’m serious so I’ll add that of course I’m being sarcastic!)

  2. I’m 100% in support of open records. I have a question…please forgive my ignorance. Is it primarily aparents who are responsible for keeping the laws as they are (and keeping records closed)?

  3. Know what’s interesting? With all the progress we’ve made with my stuff lately, I’ve had to explain a lot to a lot of people. Especially about records and how hard it is to get them open, or get any even snippet of information. And it is SUCH a hard concept for people to understand. One friend could not even grasp the concept that when you give a child up for adoption, you give up all your rights to their information. Like, could NOT grasp it. So, I tend to explain by just saying, well, think of it this way: Adoption law protects the adoptive parents and NOBODY ELSE. And then most of them get it.

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