Mama2Roo Made Me Do

“It is completely unimportant. That is why it is so interesting!” – Agatha Christie

mama2roo challenged adoption bloggers to write something fun, something non adoption. I responded that I am hard core about keeping my adoption blog, well, adoption theme based. That, to me, is the purpose of a blog. It is topical, theme based.

I have once or twice posted a meme when I was challenged but it too ended up having an adoption theme.  I live and breathe this stuff. It never leaves me. Whether that is a result of the trauma and the life long wound, my choice, my calling, my passion, I don’t really know. It just is.

I thought about posting about a gift I got for Christmas (a mama2roo suggestion), or maybe my top five grooming products. (Does anyone really care if I wear O-Glow by Smashbox or love LipVenom?).  Even as I pondered the top gifts, they came with an adoption motivation. And even when I think about my favorite goodies provided by Sephora, I think of my daughter and if she would like them.  I cannot NOT think adoption. Perhaps I cannot NOT think about my daughter. That may be the more accurate statement.

But I will play as well as I can.

For Christmas, I did not receive many gifts. I don’t expect them. It is intended for the kids. I am divorced. The ex hub purchased two gift cards that were presented to me by my sons.  Perfect gifts for me. A Starbucks gift card and a Barnes and Noble gift card.   Couldn’t be better! Perfect for me. I spent the book store card the day after Christmas. Book stores are akin to a crack den for me.  I literally get high. I wander aisle after aisle. I inhale deeply. I ooh and ahh. I pick up more books than I intend to purchase and then I put half back. I admire cool stationery products. I play with the pens. I am in heaven. I groan, giggle and sometimes foam at the mouth. Like I said, book store = crack den.

I purchased three books;

  1. God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything by Hitchens
  2. The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil by Zimbardo
  3. Writing to Change the World by Pipher

I am going to fight the urge to explain why these books appealed to me. In summary, it should be obvious that a) I am agnostic and religion contributed to the loss of my daughter, b) the person who sold my daughter MUST be the devil incarnate and c) that well, I hope someday, my writing will change the world or at the very least make some sort of impact on someone’s life.

My parents gifted me with a toaster oven.  Huh? I have no idea why.

My mother seemed pleased with herself and asked if I liked it and if I had one. I responded "yes" followed by "no".  Perhaps she worried my ex took the toaster oven in the divorce?  Truth be told, I despise toaster ovens and it was a marital issue. I am sure that my ex was pleased when he moved out and could finally purchase one. (In general, I dislike counter top clutter and those oven thingees contribute to clutter).  It is a gift I hope to return and ideally will purchase more books.

How did I do, mama2roo?

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  1. You tried, Suz, you really tried 😉 I love bookstores, too, in the very same way! I always leave with at least three books, and usually they’re pretty random.
    Okay–so you DID write about adoption, and I’m thinking that my fabulous prize should be a toaster oven sent by Suz 😉
    You will be in the drawing, my dear. And I agree that your writing does change the world–perhaps not as fast as you’d like it to, but it does.

  2. mama2roo, I learned about this on Suz’s blog and I want to play too! Not sure how to link my post back to you (I’m technically challenged), but shall do my best.

  3. Awwwww now c’mon Suz, you could of blogged about Shrinky Dinks *laughin very very hard*

  4. OK now on a serious note, I have a friend who lost her son in a accident. He was teen he was driving too fast, it was awful. The only way she has survived this loss is her complete focus in bringing the message to teens about the dangers in driving. She even has the car her son was killed in that they take to schools with their message. It keeps her going, it is her survival. Sometimes the only way we can survive tremendous loss is to maintain focus on the one singular goal of changing that which caused us such pain. Mama2Roo had a wonderful idea, however sometimes deviating from our cause doesn’t lighten the load in the long run. Hugs, Kristy

  5. kristy:
    Sometimes the only way we can survive tremendous loss is to maintain focus on the one singular goal of changing that which caused us such pain.
    Wow. I think you just explained my personal blend of insanity, ahem, focus. Thanks for this. I agree.

  6. Kristy – Very true. However, I am not sure the star of that story would appreciate my sharing. He reads here! (and I am glad he does).

  7. See, these tidbits about bookstores and toaster ovens tells me a little bit more about who you are. I feel I know you a little better and am drawn into listen to everything else you have to say. I love to read all of it.

  8. Suz: You are Unique. I think it is wonderful that your perspective in writing relates to the same subject. And even when they try to sway you it doesnt. Your writing has changed my world!

  9. See now, I’m disappointed. Ohhhhh, not in your post, not at all. I was just going to help out and get you a NEW and BETTER toaster oven. OHHH YES!!! But, see, Bed, Bath, and Beyond doesn’t have these particular Support The Cure in toaster ovens, just in toasters:
    Yeah — for the love of all that is TASTEFUL in this world, I support the cure as much as any other person, but can’t they do a tasteful white toaster with a pink ribbon on the side or something?
    OK, I know I’m hijacking your post but that was too classicly IT’S GONE TOO FAR to not share.
    Where was I?
    Toaster ovens, books. I love books.
    Who are you?
    I better leave now.
    Love ya, Suz, no matter what you talk about.

  10. Suz,
    Bookstores have the same effect on me. I have literally spent an entire day in them at times.
    And I laughed and laughed about the toaster oven. My mom bought us a popcorn popper shaped like an old-time popcorn machine last year. Except it takes up an obscene amount of counter space and makes terrible popcorn. Hello, Goodwill.

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