Support Requested

For Immediate Release: December 24, 2007

Origins-USA supports Matt Tenneson in the court ordered return of his son

Origins-USA, a national non-profit that advocates for family
preservation and support of families separated by adoption supports the
court decision to return this child to his father.

Cally and Jed Nielson, Utah, are refusing to return a five-and-a-half
month old baby to his biological father, in violation of a judge’s
order of December 11, that the couple to relinquish custody.

Tenneson never relinquished his right to parent his son, despite the
child’s mother seeking to have their child adopted through LDS Family
Services, which is appealing the ruling. An Idaho magistrate judge
ruled that Tenneson be given temporary primary custody but the couple
who have the child in their possession have as of yet not complied and
have said they intend to wage a legal battle to keep the child.


In a letter to the editor of the DesertNews <> it was further pointed that:

– and the United Nations – believe that every child has a right to be
with his or her family and adoption should be a last resort only when
there is no family available to provide a safe home. This child has a
father and grandparents who are willing and able to care for him, have
never been accused of being incapable, and should thus not be
unnecessarily taken from them. 

It is wrong to put this child
through a drawn out legal battle. Even if the Neilson’s win Harvey will
someday know that they they fought to take him from family who wanted
him and will likely resent them for it.  Both “Baby Richard” and “Baby
Jessica” who were returned to their families after years of battle are
reportedly doing well.


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LDS Family Services is appealing the case!  The newspaper is LDS and the letters are flowing in in support of the Neilsons.