Best Blogger Award

"I’ll take any trophy. I don’t care what it says on it." – Mary Louise Parker

I was nominated for a 2008 Blogger Choice Award by this really quiet, shy, socially unconscious woman in NY (that could not be farther from the truth! Love you CD!).

Mildy embarrassed, slightly amused but also the online/new media marketing person in me is excited.  I welcome every opportunity to further our cause and believe in using every channel possible.

So thank you Mrs. D’Arcy for your nomination and for alerting me to this. I went and voted for several.

Please, if you get anything out of this blog, or any other adoption blog, please go vote for us – and nominate others.

Like now.


(and you can use their search to find other adoption blogs you may like)

What are you still doing here? Go. Now.

: )

P.S. As Claud notes, please also write them and ask for an adoption blog category – send email to

2 Thoughts.

  1. Cool beans, Suz! Congratulations on the nomination. I’m there — to vote AND to suggest an adoption blog.

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