"It is not how much you do, but how much love you put in the doing."

I purchased an iPhone yesterday.


Like giving heroine to an addict. I  already have a "problem" with being too tied to my email, my blogs, my online world. I use the excuse that I am a communications/new media professional and information is critical to my success. (Translation: I only have 3 drinks a day so I am not an alcoholic).

I think, no, I know, the problem just got kicked up a notch. (But thats okay, the first step is admitting you have a problem. Eleven more to go! Can I work them through online?)

I  wanted to buy a new iPod and upgrade from my Nano. I also wanted a new phone that provided more texting, surfing, etc. than my existing Razr did. The iPhone seemed perfect and it has not disappointed me.

The cute college dude that sold it to me said "Be prepared to be on this for a few days". He wasn’t kidding, huh?

How the heck does this fit into my adoption themed blog?

It doesn’t.

Not really.

Unless you count the fact that the person who exposed me to the iPhone is an adoptive dad. Perhaps I can blame him for deepening my online addiction. Oh, no, thats not good. You shouldn’t blame others for your addiction. Besides, he has his own. One of the reasons I like him so much. Unlike other people who holler at me for checking email on my phone, he hands me my phone as he takes his and we sit together and check our separate accounts.  Two little geeks enjoying their iPhones and their virtual world. (I am forming a bad visual of a bunch stoners sitting in someones garage toking away. Waynes World?)

See, again, adoption is causing me problems. An adoptive dad is handing me the internet version of crack cocaine.

Kidding. Its all good (at least for a few days like the Apple Store cutie boy said it would be).

There! Voila. It is an adoption themed post.

P.S. The Center for Internet Addiction just called. They read this post before I even posted. it.

4 Thoughts.

  1. yeah, that’s why in many ways… i ignore phones and texting and the like. I have to stay dumb for the santity of life.
    But this post mde me laugh…and verified what i have known for quite some time…i cannot have those kinds of toys.
    Of course, who am I kidding right now..i don’t go out, i don’t work, i can barely cook or clean.. so I am attached to my laptop all day..sometimes i have things opened on my laptop AND Rye’s PC….
    Can’t afford that toy anyway…sigh..

  2. Woohoo! You are a Mac fanatic like me!
    But I must admit, there are downsides to being too connected…

  3. LOL… I couldn’t even take the Center for Internet Addition quiz for fear that they would show up on my doorstep and drag me away to dry out!

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