I am:

  • tired
  • distracted
  • behind on classwork
  • behind on blogging
  • behind on nanowrimo
  • consistently beaten by Ito in Scrabulous
  • giggly
  • encouraged
  • smitten
  • encouraged
  • saddened
  • planning a trip to Philly the weekend after Thanksgiving

Yes, this is a lame blog post but given the above list I suspect I will be forgiven.

Did I mention I am encouraged?

3 Thoughts.

  1. Scrabulous? Sounds like a Scrabble game that I don’t know about but need to know about immediately. (I play Literati on Yahoo! games and currently have an awful streak. I blame late pregnancy confusion.)
    That said… totally jealous of your Philly trip. Send love to the Munchkin’s city while you’re there for me.

  2. *giggles* Gee I wonder why? I gots lots of good stuffs btw.. Will write about that for you tomorrow! Oh and can I say *THUD*?

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