"This mess is a place!" – Author Unknown

I was asked to do a bit of housekeeping on my blog. Specifically, I was asked to make my archives available and consider using categories. 

I am in the process of retagging old posts under categories and also working on archives. 

While I was attending the Ethics Conference I had several readers delurk and give positive feedback on my posts. (I even had one demand I publish a book so she could read my entire story from beginning to end).

It was quite validating and rewarding for me to meet them and hear their thoughts. This blog was created for two reasons:

  1. to give myself a creative outlet to process my adoption related feelings; and
  2. to allow the general public to "meet" a first mom and to ideally see the pain that we endure when we lose our children to the American adoption industry.

It is important to note that the information I share here is a tiny subset of my entire story. I intentionally exclude a great deal of information to protect the privacy of my daughter, her father and others involved in my surrender experience. It would be a gross mistake to assume, based on what I choose to publish, that this is my entire story. It is not. My primary filter for what I write is my daughter and her feelings. There are certain things I believe she should know first, or only know, and they should not be found on the Net.

Naturally, this does cause me some challenge. The reality is my daughter may never want to know these things. She may never ask. Our relationship may not progress any farther than it has.  Should that be the case, I may have to adjust my approach  but until I feel more comfortable, I will reserve some content. That being said, if there is something someone wants to know, a question they have for me, I encourage my readers to write me privately.

Through this blog I have made some wonderful friends. I have met many face to face and others I have only emailed with or spoken to on the phone. I have always believed that from all things negative comes something positive. My traumatic experience of losing my daughter has introduced me to wonderful people that have loved me, cared for me, supported me and validated me in ways I never expected.

The least I could do for those folks is make this blog easier to navigate.

So I shall.

4 Thoughts.

  1. “I even had one demand I publish a book so she could read my entire story from beginning to end.” I’M WITH HER!

  2. Hi Suz-
    I was at the ethics conference too, and wanted to introduce myself, but you left early from the wkshop we were in and so i missed my shot. i’m sorry for that-
    amazing, amazing job with the video you all made. i watched it last night, and it got into my dreams. very powerful and very well made.
    and yes, i agree. go for the book! but meantime, thanks for sharing your story here.

  3. I would buy your book in a flat second. I have always wanted to know your story in its entirety – but I know that is personal and can only be done in your own time. I feel close to you; like I see so many Similarities between you and my own fist mother. As stupid as this is, sometimes I feel that you speak for her, the things she is unable to — if that makes any sense at all.
    I miss you

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