November is National Adoption BEWAREness Month

From my friends at OriginsUSA:

Some "celebrate" National Adoption Awareness Month in November.

Adoption, however is not a "win-win" for all. For every family added to by adoption, another experiences an irrevocable and painful loss.   

OriginsUSA, an organization dedicated to Natural Family Preservation and justice for families seperated by adoption, cannot "celebrate" adoption as a "positive way to build families."

For members of OriginsUSA, November is a time to call attention to the need to prevent unnecessary adoptions by providing families in need the resources they need to remain intact.

We thus declare November as National Adoption BEWAREness Month.

  • BEWARE of claims that surrendering a child to adoption is noble or selfish or best; that it will guarantee your child a "better life" or afford you an opportunity for a better life.
  • BEWARE of those who tell you that adopting a child is "the same as if" you gave birth.
  • BEWARE of those who tell you that your child will go to a "forever family" as the national divorce statistics hold true in adoptive families as well, and a high percentage of children are victims of "failed adoptions", a phrase the industry coined to cover children returned to the agencies. 
  • BEWARE of those who speak of your current situation as reason to surrender your child to adoption.  You will get older, you can get work, colleges are full of non-traditional students, and your current situation is temporary, but loss to adoption is forever.

During this month, on November 10th, we will participate in Reg Day to bring awareness to the loss suffered those adopted by the denial of their truth with the issuance of a false birth certificate.

The month will culminate on November 31 with Strange and Mournful Day!  Wear your Strange and Mournful Day ribbon on that day and throughout the year, to recognize the sadness of mothers losing their children to adoption. 

Using a phrase taken from the "Mother and Child Reunion" by Paul Simon, the name of the occasion is intended to stress both the unnatural (strange) nature of adoption separation and the accompanying "mournful" grief.

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