Dawn of Reality

As I sat in the car awaiting my sons to cease playing morning soccer and get ready for school, I heard my oldest son scream.

“Oh my god! It’s an A380!” he bellowed as he looked to the sky.

Interested only in getting the boys in the car and to their school bus stop I paid little attention to whatever was in the sky. Living so close to an airport, I have become bored and accustomed to A10s, passenger planes, small Cessna’s and more. I don’t think I would even be impressed if I saw a UFO.

The boys finally got in the car and my oldest son insisted on calling his father.

“DAD! I just saw an A380!” he said rather excitedly.

“Not possible” said his sleepy father who had been awakened in his Minnesota hotel. “It’s too big to land at the airport. It wouldn’t be in our area”

“Dad, I mean it. It had four large engines, double decker, it was HUGE. I KNOW it was an A380” my son insisted.

“It couldn’t be.” said his father firmly.

After more dialogue my son disconnected but insisted to me that he knows what he saw. I believed him as I personally wouldn’t know any better and unlike his father, was in no position to doubt him.

We reached the school bus stop. I unloaded back packs from the car, put a coat on my youngest son and started the morning chatter with the other moms.  As we walked toward the stop, above me, in the cloudy morning sky appeared the largest airplane I have seen in my life. It was quieter than I expected but as my son indicated a mere few minutes earlier, it had four large engines. Flying low, it gave the appearance that I could touch it or that it would soon land in the parking lot of the school.

I yelled to my son who quickly turned around and began screaming with joy. From behind some trees one of the fathers began to scream “Its an Airbus 380. It is touring. It’s the largest plane in the world right now”.

My sons began jumping up and down and screeching and the father walked toward us. After some conversation we learned that it was indeed an A380 and that while it would not be a regular visitor to our area it was making a few fly-bys due to the fact that its engine was built at our nearby Pratt and Whitney.

My son was quite pleased with himself for having identified it and had to call his father back.

What does this story have to do with adoption, my blog readers may wonder?

The entire experience reminded me of the book I am reading as well as the witnessing of the dawn of adoption reality rise in the hearts and minds of a few friends. You know, those moms that say "adoption is best" or "they did a good thing"…"they are okay with losing their child".  (You know, they are ones with the red adoption koolaid stained mouths)

Its interesting to see, over time, how they change their tunes. How when faced with facts, and research and reading the veil is lifted and they realize what many of us have realized. Adoption, closed adoption, the adoptions with closed records, changed names, and all the other distasteful aspects are NOT good and are not helpful.

But those two topics are for later posts. I need to finish reading the book.