Gee, what a novel thought?

Helping mothers keep their children? Raise their children? Get educated? Brilliance. Why didnt anyone else think of that? (Sarcasm intended).

I wish I still lived in Chicago! I would help this organization. (Seeing what I can do remotely!)

4 Thoughts.

  1. Suz
    Can’t watch the video (sound skips on my computer) what is the name of the org?

  2. Now, this is an idea that should be reproduced in every city and town across the country. It just makes such perfect sense.
    Now, that would be a project unto itself – finding similar projects across the country and putting them into a directory in one spot, to raise awareness about them and make them easier to find – and give them a better chance of attracting funding.
    Thanks for finding and sharing this, Suz.

  3. I think it is awesome to try to teach mother how to be mothers. To allow them to be the best mother they can be. How do the mothers that can’t do it on their own do it when we are not there to help them??
    I can’t be there 24/7 I have my family to tend to. What is the answer then?
    children can not live on love alone. But I do believe a difference can be made. It does add trauma to a child to be taken from their mother becasue the child has the uncondictional love no matter what a parent (caretaker) does to them. They just want to be loved and accepted.What to do to make a difference?

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