“The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their right names” – Chinese Proverbs

The smallest things still annoy me about my daughters adoption.

Today, while searching for a copy of a Petition to Adopt notice from the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, I came across the notice of my daughter’s availability for adoption that was placed in the paper. Yeah, kinda like an item for sale. Its rather gross in my opinion. However, noting our children lives in the paper like we do tag sale items is not the purpose of this post.
The point is that the agency workers, or someone, added an extra letter to my daughters middle name. This irritates me. Was her adoption finalized under the wrong name? Hmm, does that make it invalid (haha, one could only hope). The petition to adopt in the papers is clearly spelled wrong.

Mind you, I wrote it correct on the surrender papers, hospital papers, etc.  I named her myself for gosh sakes. But what went into the law bulletin is a different name.

I wonder what is on her decree?


(Click the photo for a larger version of what gets put in the papers. I happen to know the mother of this child. I lived with her at the maternity “home”. I found this notice when I was searching Chicago Daily Law Bulletin for my daughters petition notice. She only had a petition to adopt since her father was known and in agreement. Hers does not look like this but does have her name – spelled wrong!)

P.S. Add this disgusting advertisement to the long list of things I was NEVER told by the agency in advance. I had no idea this was the process or that her first debut in print would be at a few weeks old. An interesting twist on a birth announcement, eh?

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  1. Twenty years ago I would have called the error a typo.
    Today my mind turns to the reasons that an agency might benefit by this little slip. Perhaps extra security should you have ever tried to get your daughter back? Or an arrogant decision by a social worker to “improve” the name you chose for your daughter.
    Manipulation of identity is rampant in adoption, and never for a good reason. Having lived another side of it – repairing my child’s identity after learning it had been “fudged” – all I know is it’s wrong wrong wrong.

  2. Ohhhhh…how do you go about finding those??
    I want mine!
    I know we had the the father was “unknown”..what a crock. And I recall…speaking of that confidentiality, that it was posted in the NY “Hear yea, hear yea..whomever doth possiblily impregnant the sluty wretched whore Claud, please speak up now of forever be denied your fatherhood”
    LOL..actually that’s kind of a sad sick way.
    But yeah, I’d like to see what mine says.

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