“A small key opens big doors.” – Turkish Proverb

Doors can open when you least expect them. They can be physical doors that someone opens for you intentionally or on accident. They can be emotional doors that you can choose to walk through or avoid. Regardless, doors are openings to new places, new rooms, and new beginnings.

A few weeks ago an emotional door opened for my friend Jamie. Jamie lost her child to the Kurtz network of agencies. Her daughter is now in her mid twenties and Jamie would like to find her.

The only bit of information Jamie has is her daughters birthday. The state she was born in does not give non-id to natural mothers and the agency involved never gave Jamie a thing. She has no surrender documents, no non-id, not even a fake birth certificate from the hospital.

Jamie contacted the state reunion registry and learned that, for a fee, they would conduct a search for her daughter. There was no guarantee of find and no guarantee of contact.

It seemed to be Jamie’s only hope. The only remaining barrier to starting an active search was money. While only a few hundred dollars, it was a few hundred Jamie and her immediately family could not afford.

Several members of ehbabes contributed money towards a fund for Jamie. While several hundred dollars may be a lot for one person, five or ten dollars a person spread over twenty people is manageable.

If that wasn’t enough to stir emotions, Jamie shared this with her mother. Her mother had been silent about the loss of her first grandchild since the day Jamie surrendered her. Discussing Jamie’s daughter with her mother was not an option for Jamie. Mother just shut down and would not hear of any talk of search and reunion.

Recently, Jamie shared our fund story with her mother. As usual, mother says nothing. However, day’s later mother calls Jamie and inquires how much money she has and what she needs to start the search. Mother, with very little explanation, informs Jamie that she will provide Jamie with the remaining funds.

How freaking cool is that! Not only will Jamie get the needed funds but it appears as though mother is softening to discussion of Jamie’s daughter and the loss of her to the adoption machine!

We are now all waiting for Jamie’s search to begin!

I am so lucky to be a part of this ehbabes family!

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