I cannot hide.

“The Universe is one great kindergarten for man. Everything that exists has brought with it its own peculiar lesson.” – Orson Swett Marden

He smiled so far and wide I thought his mouth might envelope his entire head. As he waved from the school bus window, tears began to form in my eyes.

I was so proud of him. He was doing so well. He felt like a big kid now and was so proud of himself. He should be. Its a tough thing to leave your mama and head off to big kid school. Tougher perhaps for mama herself. 

I was comforted by the dark Brighton sunglasses I had on. He could not see the tears rolling from my eyes. He would not understand them. Joy, pride, sadness, and more all rolled up into one morning. At his age, tears are sadness and pain. I did not want him to think that. Thank you Brighton.

As the bus pulled away from the curb he blew me kisses. I felt them land magically on my cheeks.  Davids mother, standing next to me, commented on my sons deep dimples and how  excited he was.

Yes. I agree. He was. My baby boy went off to kindergarten.

I thought of my daughter for a bit of a flashing moment. I wasn’t sad about her. I did not imagine her five year old self next to him. I worked hard on making the morning all about him.

I thought I succeeded.

Eight hours later I arrive at the school to pick up both of my sons. New school, new facilities, I was a bit lost. I did not know where the after school program was held.

A helpful smiling looking woman walked towards me from the end of the hall. She must have noticed my look of confusion.

"Can I help you?", she asks.

I introduce myself, tell her I am looking for the after school program. I am here to pick up my boys. She starts to point in the opposite direction and begins muttering directions.

Suddenly she stops.

"Oh, where are my manners!", she exclaims. "Let me take you".

As we walk towards the other end of the building we are stopped several times by other children, parents, teachers. Clearly this woman/teacher is well known and liked in the school. I can see why. She has a bright smile and just exudes tenderness.

We approach the room where my children are playing and she turns to me.

"Well, here you go. I see your boys right there. Be sure to sign them out. Nice to meet you." she says as she walks away.

"Now where are my manners!" I say "Thank you and by the way, I am Suz [last name]. Thanks for your help it was nice to meet you".

"You are very welcome. I am [my daughters amended name], the school nurse".

And she walks away.

Yes, the school nurse at my sons new school has the same first and last name as my daughter.

Can I get a big round of WTF!!!

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  1. That is a beautiful picture! Seriously I can see that pic being on the front cover of American Teacher mag.
    About the WTF moment. You can run, but you can’t hide from adoption. There is no escape. Well death maybe. UGH.

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