2 Thoughts.

  1. Oh, oh. College. Goodness. You just took me back to a BUNCH of drama. And it all seems SO insignificant now. All of that was pre-placement. It seems so meaningless… if I would have known the drama to come, maybe I would have just kicked back and chilled. Maybe I wouldn’t have created unnecessary drama in my own life or been so crazed when others created drama for me.
    *jams out to Mary J* I used to cry to this song. Now? I’m jammin. Thanks, Suz. 🙂
    I’m gonna dig this out and make Josh jam with me this evening. Don’t tell anyone that he digs himself some Mary J. 🙂

  2. I never heard that song before, guh.. IT could be my life then and now.. More tears, I wanna go crawl into a corner again. So yeah instead I am going to clean my kitchen..
    Love ya Suz

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