Reading is Fundamental

“A home without books is a body without soul.” – Marcus Tillius Cicero

Finished reading this book last night. It was good. I liked it. Like another reviewer said, I skipped around from chapter to chapter at first and then went through it in its entirety. Found it to be a good, direct, simple, understandable read of the atrocities that occur in the American adoption industry.

Of course, I was most interested in this book because not only do I know and respect the author but the book had a mention to several individuals that I know and most importantly, had a few pages on the broker who sold my daughter (p. 77-78).

Congrats to Mirah.

I am currently finishing up Verriers “Coming Home to Self – The Adopted Child Grows Up”. This one is a bit harder for me for it so strongly parallels many of my daughters reactions, words, attitudes, etc. towards me and her life in general. While I find that comforting at times, it can also be quite disconcerting. It causes me to put the book down every few days and pick up something else.

Waiting in the wings for me is Kirchners “Adoption: Uncharted Waters”. and Jessica DeBalzo’s "Unlearning Adoption".

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  1. It’s so funny how we’re on the same reading cycle at times. I had a harder time with Coming Home to Self than I did with Primal Wound but I still liked it very much. I’m in the middle of Unlearning Adoption right now, and I read Uncharted Waters just last month. Stork Market is still on my list but I’ll get to that one soon.

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