Prior to finding her mother, my friend Jo spent her life believing a story that her mother had abandoned her on a street in Chicago.  When we found her mother, Jo learned the truth and it was no where near abandonment on a curb. However, until she found her mom, she believed it. And as such, she once wrote this. She also won and award for the photo attached. (Click to see larger version)

These Are My Chains – J. Fisher

i want this wall to come alive
so i can show it how it feels to die
i would kick and slap and punch and thrust until it felt what i did when you left
mommy dearest left me in the streets of a cold dark city
blood still fresh on my face
warm, scarlet blood against the october chill
naked against the concrete
my tiny fingers feeling for the first time –
not mommy’s warm skin
not mommy’s soft lips grazing the top of my head
cold, grainy, wet concrete
hidden among the garbage
thrown out like a used rusted jagged can
there was no use for me, no purpose, no reason
lying there like a dead alley cat
rain falls on my face, washing away the blood
washing away the only tie to the woman i call mother
rain – colder than the concrete
garbage man should be here by now
cold steel, cold metal truck – the color of rust
grey clouds of smoke pour from the exhaust pipes – blowing over my face
green and yellow jumpsuits come with clear plastic bags
like sheets of ice
they blow smoke from their nostrils with each exhale
the october sun has not yet risen
throw me in the plastic bag
throw me in like a used rusted jagged can
my frail limbs jostled about
at least this plastic garbage bag is warmer than the wet concrete –
covered in leaves of the richest colors
i wonder – who is feeling mommy’s warm skin now?
who is being cradled in her arms – warm like the color of the leaves on my birthday
warm rich yellow and gold and deep scarlet…
and why not me?
why was i thrust to the pavement
the streets of an icy steel city
sprawled out amongst McDonald’s wrappers
and expired milk cartons
i’ve no more worth than these things i lay with"

©2005-2007 ~lucky008