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Having been left wanting something after I read “The Mistresses Daughter” by A.M. Homes, I decided to read another of her books. My hope was that by reading something else written by her I could get a better sense of her style, depth, talent and confirm or deny my feeling that she left something out of the memoir.

I read “This Book Will Save Your Life” this weekend. I liked it. It was definitely different than her memoir and I will even say it was better written. Very full, developed, robust characters, lots of stuff going on in the book. I liked it. I was able to form visuals of real life actors who could potray the characters in the book. (Nick Nolte would for sure have to play the character of Nick Thompson).

I found myself wondering if the words she used for Ben, the son who had been left behind by his father when his parents divorced, weren’t somehow the words of an adoptee. The Ben feelings were so strong, so direct, so powerful, I felt the author had to be drawing from her own feelings of loss and abandonment.

Had I not picked up another of her books after the memoir, I don’t think I would have read anything else by her. But now I shall. I wonder if her adoptee status shows up in any of her other books?

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  1. It is so interesting how different people react to this book. I very much enjoyed it and passed it on to a friend who had “life changing” experience reading it. She called me choking back sobs and said she felt like she was reading her own reunion story.
    I think those of us in reunion look at the book as a reminder that reunion isn’t always the happy ending we have always dreamed about. And that is perfectly fine…
    I also think that because A.M. Homes is primarily a fiction writer, she may have had trouble really putting herself and her feelings out there and I don’t think she really has any deep profound answers for anyone.
    I guess I just took it as one person’s story.
    Love your writing by the way!

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