Kissing a Priest

"If God had a name, what would it be
And would you call it to his face
If you were faced with him in all his glory
What would you ask if you had just one question"
– Joan Osbourne, "What if God Was One of Us"

Went to a wedding today. My nanny got married. First time my sons were in church. They werent happy. Eldest son says "Is that a bible?". Youngest then asks me why they have cushions on the floor (kneeling). Eldest then says "This is boring. Can we go yet?". Youngest then says "I have to pee". Organ starts to play and youngest bellows "Turn that music down!"

It was an episcopalian church. I explained as best I could. I assume, have no clue, that episcopalian beliefs arent that far off from catholic? Dunno. Dont really care. (Mental note: Do not tell Irish Catholic mother that son asked about the bible. I think I would be struck by lighting once she finished beating on me herself).

What I did like was during the ceremony, the priest (are they called priests in the E church?) said the following:

"And should God decide to bless them with their own children…lets hope they are born healthy".

Guh? What? Wait a minute. Back that bible up, Father.

Did you say "should God decide", I thought it was gods will that all should have children? Are you suggesting God blesses some with children and others not? That it might actually be Gods will that some people cant have children?

I think you might want to check with the upstairs cuz that is not what I was understanding. What happened to be fruitful and multiply? What happened to everyone has a right to children?

And one more thing there, Padre, "their OWN children"?  You did say that, right? Does that mean they cannot go and take someone elses if God did not bless them with their OWN children?

If thats true what you said, I say to that "Amen".

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  1. ‘Organ starts to play and youngest bellows “Turn that music down!”‘
    I’m laughing out loud because I can just picture your youngest doing that!

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