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My darling friend, Jo. Read this NOW. Her account from her second meeting (first being birth) with her mother.

Beginning excerpt below.

"I found my birthmother on December 6th of last year, thanks entirely to Suz and her relentless efforts. We’ve been writing letters (yessss! SNAIL MAIL!) back and fourth since then, and each time I sent one out,I was like a giddy 6 year old girl with a first crush, until her reply would arrive. Her mother, Mary Kay,began writing letters to me as well. Pretty soon, the letters had piled up, and I learned more and more about these two amazing women, and it felt as if Iwere missing this huge part of myself. Though I hadn’t met them yet, I felt so connected to them that I actually MISSED them when I wasn’t reading their letters. I knew it was time to go out there." Read more.

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