Losing My Religion

"When I told the people of Northern Ireland that I was an atheist, a woman in the audience stood up and said, "Yes, but is it the God of the Catholics or the God of the Protestants in whom you don’t believe?" – Quentin Crisp

So, peeking at my johari, I see that someone thinks I am RELIGIOUS?

OMG (pun intended).

Seriously? Did they miss that recovering catholic statement in my About WMW? Have they overlooked all my Catholic bashing and how the church influenced the loss of my daughter to adoption? How about how the brokers who sold my child babble on about the Talmud?

Maybe they mean “highly dedicated, as one would be to a religion”? That’s it, right?

I am soooooooooo not religious. I practice no form of organized religion. I consider myself agnostic. If forced to classify myself, I will say I am spiritual. I will give into the idea of a high power (but shit, that higher power might be my own consciousness or green men from mars or even the dust bunnies under my bed right now).

Truth is I am intrigued by all religions and love theology but I follow – none, nada, zip, zilch. I do admire people who have a deep faith and love individuals who can have a good, non offensive, educational conversation about it.  I don’t respond well to those that want to “save me” or convert me or shove a bible down my throat. I am likely to ask you “The bible according to WHOM? Which bible? New testament or old?”. But yeah, nice educational discussion? Love it. I respect your faith. Please respect my lack of it.

I like pieces and parts of all religions. I just read “Eat Pray Love” and find myself once again drawn to Buddhism.  I have a friend who is Unitarian and I am drawn to her church for the variety and exposure, tolerance and acceptance her church teaches. I am non-denominational, liberal, democrat, agnostic, blah blah blah. I am not religious. (Gack, do I  really appear religious? Don’t forget how much Jesus Juice I ingested before the Adoption Kool-Aid was served up in that shiny chalice. I couldn’t even wash down that cardboard they had me swallow first. Nope. Not religious)


This much my daughter and I have in common and we often make jokes. She was also raised Catholic like me but considers herself agnostic.  I love it when she jokes with me about religion. It shows me her sense of humor and makes me feel closer to her, bonded, like we have something in common. She will often sign emails “May God Bless You and Amen”. This sends me into hysterical pants wetting laughter as I can kind of “hear” her in those statements. I also appreciate that she pokes at me and feels comfortable to do so with me. She’s told me her parents are pretty religious and she would NEVER joke like that with them. I like that she does with me.

I was married in a civil ceremony. My children are not being raised in any formal religion but rather are being raised to respect all.  My Irish Catholic mother winces at this often. She is regularly horrified that my son will inquire about the Nativity, Jesus, God, Mary and Joseph. (“He should have received numerous sacraments by now, you know!”).

I would never stop my children from following a religion. My son and I have discussed it many times.  The school he will attend in the fall has children from all nations, all languages and all religions. I teach tolerance and acceptance – not a single religion. Should he desire to go to church, learn more, etc. I will absolutely support him.  However, it will be his choice, not mine. I had the bible according to somebody or other shoved down my throat and well, it didn’t taste so good. I won’t do it to him.

What I do look for that MIGHT come from a church is a sense of community and a reinforcement of values.  I did get that (boy did I!) from my church but to the extreme. For now, I am confident I have good, respectful, decent children. I don’t see the lack of formal religion hurting them.

I realize this makes some people say “Oh the poor, pathetic, lost soul. She really needs help”.

Trust me
I don’t. I am good. Thanks.

God helped me when I was pregnant and I don’t need that kind of help anymore. And if I do suddenly wake up and seek God, I am quite capable of finding her on my own.

2 Thoughts.

    I’ve even given up saying I’m agnostic. I don’t believe in a higher power, and I feel like I’m lying if I imply that I might.
    I have respect, and admittedly a little envy, of those who have faith. I just can’t get past that suspension of disbelief. For many reasons.

  2. “Losing My Religion” by REM was one of my favorite songs; of all time. My cousin reminded a while back; how I would make any one stop talking; and turn it up as loud I could and sing to it. Poor them; I lack in the music department. But; I too; was brought up Catholic; and felt it was shove down my throat. Just had to share that “loving the Post Title.”
    Good for you; not shoving religion down your children’s throats.
    Hugs from Atlanta,

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