Redneck Weekend and Photo Ops

"When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs.  When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence."  ~Ansel Adams

No deep intense thoughts for today. Well, they are there, but I am keeping them at bay. Lots of triggering events this weekend to days gone by. Trying to keep them in line and manage them accordingly.

Why oh why do therapists get to go away for a month at a time? I could seriously use mine lately.

Did want to share pix of my beautiful sons. It was redneck weekend. Cruise nights, truck shows and the like dominated our weekend. As a mother of sons, I haven’t much choice (but gosh, I am craving a manicure and maybe a cruise by

My amazing oldest son. He resembles his father a great deal. Thats him the left and me with greasy unwashed hair on the right.

My youngest son. Resembles my family and my daughter. I have a picture of both of them that is frighteningly scaring how much they look alike.

You will have to trust me that she is just as amazing as they are.

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  1. Both of your sons are beautiful! Wait, I suppose I should say HANDSOME. They are handsome!
    Let me know if you find that Sephora cruise, ’cause I’m in!

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