A Candle for Sandy

My dear friend Bobby, an adoptee surrendered to Easter House, searched many years ago for her mother. Sadly, like many adoptees, she found her mother deceased.  This Mothers Day, Bobby asked all of us at ehbabes.com to light a  candle in our homes for her Mom, Sandy.  I was only to happy to do it.

So, this image and the candle burning in my home today is for you, Sandy. Your baby girl misses you deeply. Shes a wonderful woman. I got to meet her last year face to face and she actually sat on my lap. It was an odd moment for me. To tell a fully grown women to come sit on my lap. I am quite certain, Sandy, that you, the mother of loss just like me, was there with us at that moment. It wasn’t me per se, that asked Bobby to sit on her lap, it was you working through me. Bobby felt your spirit in me that day. She hugged me hard and deep and said "You are just like my mom." Indeed I am.

Happy Mothers Day, Sandy. May you continue to rest in peace knowing your daughter is loved by many and we are all thinking of you today.

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  1. Happy Mother’s Day, Sandy!
    And Happy Mother’s Day to you, Suz. My thoughts and prayers are with all mothers of adoption loss today – Mother’s Day – there is no other.

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