Can you draw?

"Drawing is . . . not an exercise of particular dexterity, but above
all a means of expressing intimate feelings and moods." ~ Henri Matisse.

I need an illustrator. I guess that’s what I need. Someone who draws pictures for books?

See, I have this project in my mind. I absolutely will do it someday. I would prefer to start sooner rather than later.

I don’t want to give too much away.  Its essentially a book. Kind of like an epistolary. I have all the content. It’s a series of letters, songs, diary entries and such between my daughter’s father and me leading up to, through and beyond her adoption and our reunion with her. It spans over twenty years.

Its pretty powerful stuff (this is where I must be vague for certain reasons). It’s a real, deep, tragic love story that is wrapped with the death black bow called Adoption

I am a huge fan of Nick Bantock. So think Griffin and Sabine for basic concept.  I also envision 19 black blank pages that symbolize the years before we found her. When we were cast into darkness.

I really want an adoptee or natural mother (or father) to be my illustrator. I think the images they would produce (drawing on their own feelings as well as the writings of the book) will be quite powerful.  Utopia would be if my daughter or her father was the illustrator but that is a crazy assed, far stretch in my imagination. I dont have contact with either one of them and I just dont see it happening. (They are both extremely talented artists, photographers, etc.)

Yeah, it could be awfully triggering for that person too. That’s why I question if an adoptee or natural mom is the right person. But maybe, just maybe, it could be quite therapeutic for them too. I think the right person, in the right stage of their recovery might be able to do it. I think they would be wonderful and produce amazing images.

So, yeah, send me someone if you know anyone. They can write me privately at suz at ehbabes dot com.

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  1. Suz
    My sister is an amazing artist…And an adoptee…Not sure how she would feel about it but I am going to pass this along to her.

  2. i don’t know of anyone off hand, but i think that is an amazing idea you have, and i would want a signed copy!

  3. Wow you know when this post came up in my reader, all it showed was the beginning where you were saying “I need an illustrator. I guess that’s what I need. Someone who draws pictures for books?…” and the first thing that popped into my head before I clicked the link to come here was the artwork in the Griffin and Sabine books.
    I don’t know of anyone but I do know the right person will come to you. And I know I’m going to be one of the first to buy this book when it’s published!!!

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