Once Was Lost and Look What I Found

I made a wish on the Yoko Ono Wish Tree for DC. I suppose I should have made it about peace or something. I shouldnt have been so selfish, but frankly, when I make wishes these days, thats the wish.

"The Hirshhorn has acquired a new work by Yoko Ono, Wish Tree for Washington D.C. Wish Trees are also located near the Jefferson and Vietnam memorials as well as at The ARC in Anacostia. Ono will exhibit 10 trees around Washington, D.C. for the 2007 Cherry Blossom Festival. The Hirshhorn’s tree, a white Japanese flowering dogwood, will be the only Wish Tree to remain in Washington as a permanent installation and was gifted to the museum by the artist. The project evokes the spirit and goodwill of the initial 1912 gift of cherry blossom trees to the United States from Japan. Wishes from around the world will be gathered by Ono to create her Imagine Peace Tower, which will be inaugurated in October 2007 in Iceland. “Yoko Ono Imagine Peace” is organized by Street Scenes: Project for D.C., and is curated by Nora Halpern and Welmoed Laanstra.”

My sons made wishes too. It was very sweet. I had to write it out for my youngest. When I asked him what he wished for, he told me "Happiness". So that is what I wrote. I dont know what my oldest sone wrote. I had this thing about spying on peoples wishes. Isnt that bad luck or something?

My son was teasing me to see mine. So I showed him. He turned to me and gave me a sad look and said "You are always wishing for that. I hope it comes true"


Leaving Alexandria, I got lost looking for 495. Bridge construction got me all mixed up. Took me nearly an hour to find my way out of the city.  Amir at the hotel had told me how to get there but oddly I ended up in Mount Vernn and then back in Alexandria.

Some sort of sick joke that I found myself here? I was in such shock I actually had to pull over and take a picture. Why the hell would I want a picture of this place?

I remembered their lovely training course that Claud featured on her blog. I thought of Claud actually, I thought that if Claud was with me she and her fine New York set would probably march in there. I dont have Clauds braun.

Cant see?

Try the close up version. I thought I might throw up in the car I had rented. 

I had no idea they were there.   I found it really twisted that I am physically lost in a city and I find myelf at the door step of the NCFA. Not funny, Goddess, so not funny. I had passing thoughts of burning bags of dog poop and other such annoyances being delivered to them.

Did someone call for a burning pile of poop?




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  1. GAH, too bad I live so far away from you. We have a large dog and desperately need to clean up dog poop. I could have set you up really nicely. 🙂

  2. I hope your wish comes true very soon, Suz.
    And I didn’t even need to read or make the picture larger to know that building was the NCFA. I drive past there every day when I do to work. I’ll give them a one-fingered salute every day now especially for you – and another for me, of course!

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