Home again, naturally

another baby found her mamma today.
another mama found out where her baby is.
and still another two other mamas
helped to make it happen.

each time i facilitate
a search and reunion
it drains me.
takes my life force.

i am often weak.
dizzy. distracted.
for hours.
for days.

thoughts of what the mother is feeling
remembering what i felt.
remembering the soul cry of my friend
mary, the first mom i reunited.

mother nature smiles.
nods her head.
shows her approval.
extends her arms and embraces us all.

the wrinkle.
the tear in time
the rape of the souls
mother and child.


a similar voice.
the same laugh.
the same eyes.
the same cry.


what nature has
let no man
attempt to destroy.
ever again.

it is
as it
should be
and should have
always been.

mama c
your baby is home.

9 Thoughts.

  1. Suz, what wonderful news!!! I have goose bumps and can’t wait for the day when you write the same story about you and your daughter.
    Much love,
    Mo xox

  2. Hey sugar, Can I cross post this to my journal on Eljay? I love the way you write, I love how you can communicate what so many of us feel. I love you, my angel, my miracle worker, and my FRIEND~
    I love you lady,

  3. Oh, suz….
    dammnit, I have NOT cried really yet!!
    Not fair…tears be gone.
    You have to be next…with our parallel lives..you have to be next.

  4. claud, my darling, of course you know I have already thought that. i pray to god you are right. i really do. much love. (sorry about the possible tears)

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