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Washington State Support Groups

A reader/friend sent me a message asking for information on west coast support groups for mothers that have surrendered children to adoption.  If my memory is serving me correctly today, I do have at least one blog reader friend in the area of this friend (Libby?). 

Mother is looking for a support group in the Spokane, Washington area.  If you are not aware of a formal group, but know mothers in the general area/state, please let me know. Perhaps my friend and yours could start their own group. I know from experience just having a coffee or dinner with someone who UNDERSTANDS can make a world of difference to recovering from adoption trauma.  Validation is so incredibly soothing –  mentally and physically.

Feel free to leave a comment or email me at bluestokking at gmail dot com. You can also use my contact form above, click the word Contact Me and fill out the form. It will send me the message.

I go mad.

I may have to blog after all.

Despite my lingering health issues (one less serious one I believe I have tackled) that caused me to cease blogging, I find that may be the wrong approach. While it is true adoption distracts me from well, my life, I find it is not necessarily a bad distraction after all.

Since I went on hiatus I have had at least three strong urges to blog about adoption  related topics. I chose not to. Making that decision does not cease the thoughts from running around in my head like feral children lacking language to express themselves. As a result, my adoption related nightmares have returned and are now disrupting my sleeping patterns. Sleep is rather important to my health as well. It appears as if my blog, my writing, is indeed the best form of therapy I can give myself. It rids my body and mind of the adoption toxins. Hence, I am posting this brief update with the intent to post more soon.

As Lord Byron once said, if I don’t write to empty my mind, I go mad.