Contacting Your Caseworker

A mother/friend who surrendered her child to Easter House (same agency I surrendered my first born to) has written me a few times asking about contacting caseworkers.  I have shared a few thoughts with her privately and will share mine with you in a later post but I am curious what your thoughts might be on this?  If you are a mother that surrendered your child, what thoughts do you have (if any) about your caseworker?  Do you have any desire to talk with them now?  If so, what might you want to know?

I have written about my Easter House caseworker, Colleen Rogers, and her refusal to answer my requests for contact.  Sufficie it to say, my short answer to the below, is hell to the yes, I want to talk  with her. I will explain why in a future post. For now, what might you offer to my friend below?  (Note, she has given me permission to share this.)

It’s me another mother who surrendered my daughter to Easter House and adoption.

I have found my casedworker!
And she is the one who had “signed” the ad back in 1983.
I have sent her a letter, she lives less than an hour from me.  I am asking to meet with her to talk.
I also sent her a copy of the ad I sent you. Evidence that I know who she is/was.
I told my therapist, and a couple close friends that I’d found her and hope to meet with her.
Their responses were guarded, and the friends said, “what do you want to ask her?” The therapist said he does not think this will lead to serenity or acceptance, but do what I must.
I have been sitting with that question, and I thought I would ask you.
If you had the opportunity to meet again with the caseworker who claimed to me there for you, to sort out your problems, and then showed up at the hospital (uninvited by me) and came to my house with papers the same day I left the hospital,  what would you want to ask, or to say to her?
Any thoughts?
It is a strong need for me to meet face-to-face with the person who was there, at that life-changing time, whether she remembers me specifically or does not remember me.