The Universe

I have been debating attending this adoption conference, Adoption: Secret Histories, Public Policies,  being held about two hours drive from my home.  Susan Ito will be there, Unsigned Masterpiece, and others I know.  I am also very interested in some of the sessions.

What is happening, when, what time and where.

All events I am interested in are being held in buildings located on [college] Street.  I say [college] for the name of the street is the same name as my daughters college.

WTF. So not fair universe.


Enough with the signs.

Quantum Nerdiness

Quantum entanglement, also called the quantum non-local connection, is a property of a quantum mechanical state of a system of two or more objects in which the quantum states of the constituting objects are linked together so that one object can no longer be adequately described without full mention of its counterpart—even if the individual objects are spatially separated in a spacelike manner. –

Allow me to get all sci-fi, nerdy and abstract on you. Purty please?

My fiance and I are fans of the ABC show “Flashforward”. The premise of the show is that a mysterious event causes everyone on the planet to simultaneously lose consciousness for 137 seconds, during which people see what appear to be visions of their lives approximately six months in the future—a global “flashforward”.

The show touches on many aspects of life, from religion, to predestiny, to fate, to free will, and philosophy. The most recent episode proposed the idea of quantum entanglement.

Quantum entanglement theory suggests that “it is possible for a particle to interact with another particle in such a way that the quantum states of the two particles form a single entangled state. The definition of an entangled state is that it is not entirely independent of other states: its state is dependent on another state in some way. Because of this dependency it is a mistake to consider either state in isolation from the other. Rather we should combine the states and treat the result as a single, entangled state.”

In the flashforward sense, quantum entanglement suggestions imply (to me anyway) that the flashforward visions that the characters had were possibly the visions from another universe, or another version of themselves living in that parallel universe and that you or your states became entangled with each other such that the visions you think you see are really the visions or feelings of your entangled alter. (Am I losing you here?)

There is a scene in the show last night where the character Dr. Olivia Benford and character Lloyd Simcoe realize that they might have crossed paths earlier in life. Olivia was supposed to have attended Harvard (as Simcoe did) and supposed to have rented a certain apartment to do so. She didnt. Her husband obtained a job with the FBI and they had to move. Olivia and Simcoe discover in their conversation that Simcoe’s wife actually rented the apartment that Olivia should have lived in. Since Olivia and Lloyds flashforwards are entangled it can be suggested that they, or earlier versions of themselves, might have been involved. (Stay with me here).

This scene and the dialogue in it made me gasp a bit. The suggestion that a version of ourselves is living out the events we should have but didnt (for whatever reason) made me think of adoption. For a few moments last night, I sat on my beige colored couch and had visions of some version of myself in a parallel universe actually parenting my daughter. The visions made me smile and also made me sad.

And then I got all nerdy and got tangled up in the quantum entanglement theories. What if this pain, this longing, this desire to know my child exists because I am tangled up with the other version of myself in that other universe? What if at times we/me/my versions are existing at the same space and time and that the version that lost her child to adoption is living in tandem with the version that is parenting her only daughter and is feeling what she feels?

(This is where you can take your fingers and circle your temple in that crazy sign and point it at me. LOL)

It’s a nice thought, a good dream, isnt it? That somewhere, somehow, we are indeed parenting our children. In some other universe they are well, and happy and have not had their identities fractured by adoption? In that universe my daughter talks to me, laughs with me and we color our hair together. In some other plane of existence I am not so deeply scarred by the loss of my daughter to a baby broker?

Another way to think of it is to reflect on adoption synchronicity. Maybe that is quantum entanglement at work as well? How is it that my daughter had a boyfriend that had family members with my last name? How is it that I lived in an apartment over 20 years ago in Chicago that an Easter House adoptee friend that I reunited with her mother moves into many years later? How is it that my daughter has nearly my exact likes, talents and interests even though she was not raised with me?

For more on quantum entanglement read this or this. Flashforward tv show can be discovered here.