Best of Friends

I am blown away by the support I have received for my nephew, the single and soon to be first time dad.  Baby is expected in August and he is young and single and struggling. He is dedicated to being part of his daughters life. So many of you have sent gifts and notes of encouragement to him.

Thank you.

Thanks to my friends in IL and my friends in UK and all others.  You are pretty amazing.  Doing what was not done for us.

I will be sure to keep you updated on Michael and his daughter.


Helping a Future Dad

Baby things wanted – girl.

My nephew (age 20 and single) is expecting his first child with his ex girlfriend. Baby is due (if I am remembering correctly) in the July time frame.

These kids do not have much and as we know parenting is hard and expensive at ANY age. I am looking to gather clothing, toys, infant items, coupons for them (in addition to those new I am purchasing). If you or a neighbor have anything old you may be wiling to part with in coming months, let me know. I will gladly pay shipping and/or pick up if you are local. If you know of any online, local (Hartford CT area) support groups for single dads, I welcome as well.

As is often the case with my family and others, he is being looked down upon for getting his girlfriend pregnant outside of marriage, thought to be a loser, etc. despite stepping up and helping to parent Ella Jewel (her future name) with his ex. I believe strongly people live up to expectations and that if we expect him to fail (just because he has in the past) and be a loser he will. He, just like the mother, needs support and encouragement, just like any parent of any age and marital status. Hoping to do what I can for him and his little girl.

Leave a comment or message me at bluestokking at gmail dot com with details.