Baubles for Babes

I love jewelry.

Correction, I am addicted to it.

No. Perhaps addicted is too strong a word. Not having ever been addicted to anything (except perhaps macaroni and cheese) I am only guessing. I can tell you I get excited when I see jewelry. I love to make jewelry. I love to buy jewelry. I love to style people with jewelry.  I like the feeling of it in my hands. I love to look at stones of all kinds. I get a particular rush supporting local artists who make their own.  I question prices and how it is made and who made it and why.

I also have a passion for helping young mothers, parents, teens, anyone struggling to raise children.  Having lost my first born to the American closed adoption industry, I am committed to doing whatever I can to prevent others from falling prey to those who believe in the unnecessary separation of mother and child.

Selling jewelry through my online Chloe + Isabel boutique feeds my passion for both baubles and babes (and by babes I mean children and the beautiful women parenting them). Each month I support a different organization and donate all commissions to the named organization. If you are a lover of fashion jewelry, consider shopping now and know that not only will you be adding to the beauty in your own life but contributing to that of another.

Visit our Facebook photo folder for images and details on donations.

I welcome suggestions for future donations and I appreciate your support! Shop now!