The Good Adoptee [Play]


I am so excited to share with you that my friend Suzanne Bachner’s play,  The Good Adoptee, is being performed by the amazing actress, Anna Bridgforth, and presented in November as part of the United Solo Theatre Festival on Theatre Row in New York City to coincide with Adoption Awareness Month.

The Good Adoptee is the true story of Suzanne’s search for her origins in the face of New York State’s sealed records. The play is anti-secrecy, anti-shame, pro-open records, pro-adoptee rights and pro-all parents.

The first just SOLD OUT ( Tuesday, November 3 @ 9PM ) and United Solo just gave Suzanne and the team an additional show: Saturday, November 14 @ 2PM. United Solo has a rich history as a producer and supporter of theatre by adoptees about adoption since its inception.

I am all over this and let Suzanne know I will be there. Will you?

For more information visit the play internet page.