Roger Ebert Made Me Cry

Do you read Robert Ebert’s blog?  I do.  It is on my feed reader and I regularly view his postings. Today he posted the work of a Brazilian writer named Pablo Villaça. The title of the work is Written After Reading an Obituary. I read it at work, while munching on a burger salad.  It made me weep.

My heart still hurts.

Read it and come back.

Can you see what made me weep?  First, naturally, it is beautifully written.  More personally, it could be written by any mother that surrendered a child to adoption. How many of us are engaged in odd online relationships that involve getting updates on your child by cyber stalking them?  How many of us did not see our children take their first steps but rather we chase their online footprints with wild fury? How many of us found out about our childs love life, sexual orientation, likes and dislikes by their online presence?  How many mothers, like me, watched their child graduate college via the college video stream?

Imagine opening up a paper and finding the obituary of a child you gave birth to but were never allowed to know again once you found them?

Ugh. This pains me.  It could be so many mothers I know.

It could be me.  Someday, in my daily visiting of my daughters sites, I could be faced with an obituary.

I am not sure I could bear it but it is true.

It could be me.


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