Interesting What Strangers Google

Hmm.  Curious.

Imagine a stranger on the internet searching for this?

Click for larger version.


Who might be wondering such things?

Interested parties are welcome to write me and ask directly. No need to google.


10 Thoughts.

  1. OOOH, girl! You are killing me here. I can’t post my “key words”…I would be banned from blogger!!! Some strange birds in google land!!

    • Srsly. Yet I cannot help but wonder who and why. (Cuz I am curious like that). I realize when you put yourself out there on the Net, particularly for such volatile topics as the sacred cow of adoption, that you are subject to this type of scrutiny. I am not concerned. But I am curious. And honestly, if it was someone wanting to cast judgement, I would offer that in my opinion, adoption is worse than abortion.

  2. Good Lord!! What Praise-Adoption- She’s-not-worthy-of-an-opinion kind of person searches for that?

    I think it is proof of the quality and importance of your writing Suz ~ you have the pro-adoption people trying to find a way to negate your words.

    Blog On!

  3. Thanks. I just choked on my orange lifesaver. One. WTF? Two. How do you even find out these stats? Three. WTF?!?!?!

    • Laurel – My blogging platform (self hosted wordpress) has built in stats. I also use statcounter. Sorry about that organe lifesaver. : )

  4. What the hell? that’s bizarre.

    I feel like I should go google good things about you to see if they come up on your list… lol that would be a great secret santa gift for a blogger friend.

    I’m fascinated by my search engine stuff but so much is b/c I put up a couple of old SNL videos before it became easily to find video.

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