Only One

Wonderful time at my reunion last night.

Only one person inquired about the status of my reunion – and it was a person I was happy to share with as he is a marriage and family therapist. I relish opportunities to educate psychotherapists on the realities of adoption.

Gratuitous pictures of me, myself and I along with my darling Rich (click for larger version).

Mixing Ideas for a School Paper

I need to write a research paper for my psych class. Should be not surprised that it will be adoption influenced.

I am still baking the actual details, outline, angle etc but am fairly certain it will be on one of two topics:

Operant Conditioning (increasing or decreasing the probability that a specific behavior will occur in the future) and Adoption Surrender – Forcing a mother to surrender her child to adoption to stop her “deviant” sexual behavior.

Negative punishment and response cost (another way to make behavior less frequent). This angle is somewhat related to the fact that I am currently reading Foucault’s Discipline and Punish: The Birth of the Prison. The main ideas of Discipline and Punish can be grouped according to its four parts: torture, punishment, discipline and prison. I feel compelled to draw some parallels to unplanned pregnancy, adoption surrender and lifelong loss to  the same four parts.

As part of my processing/planning for this paper, I ask my readers to comment on their own experiences.

Did you feel surrendering your child to adoption was due, all or in part, to a need for your family, church, society, or other to punish you for your deviant sexual behavior (e.g, unprotected sex, sex outside of marriage)?

How do the four parts – torture, punishment, discipline and prison – relate, if at all, to your own experience of adoption surrender and life following same?

Thank you for anything you are able/willing to offer as I further develop this paper.

Kurtz Network Research Added to

In support of National Adoption BeAwareness month, I am happy to report that reunited mother, Dr. Bernadette Wright, has granted permission to reprint her body of work  formerly known as, to our site. Dr. Wright’s work summarizes the illegal activities of the Kurtz network of baby-brokering agencies.  Read her work here.