The Universe

I have been debating attending this adoption conference, Adoption: Secret Histories, Public Policies,  being held about two hours drive from my home.  Susan Ito will be there, Unsigned Masterpiece, and others I know.  I am also very interested in some of the sessions.

What is happening, when, what time and where.

All events I am interested in are being held in buildings located on [college] Street.  I say [college] for the name of the street is the same name as my daughters college.

WTF. So not fair universe.


Enough with the signs.

One thought on “The Universe

  1. Hey Suz, Well you know signs, signs…….. I hope you find good signs that lead to good things happening in your life. Hugs to you Suz….. Always thinking and praying for you and your family!!!!

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