Adoption Healing Seminar

I am planning on attending the Inside Out Adoption Healing Seminar being held in Westfield, Mass later this month.

If you are attending, let me know!  If you are not, but might be interested, details below and more at the links below that.

Genesis Spiritual Life and Conference Center

53 Mill Street, Westfield, MA 01085
(near the Berkshires)

Detailed info at Genesis web site.

The event description talks of creating a puja table and asks we bring a item to contribute to it.  I have quite a few adoption related momentos, nik-naks, talismans and the like. Which one should I bring? I am already overthinking the task.

Plans for Fall

If you follow me on Facebook you know that as of September 1 I am participating in 99 days of Freedom.  The thinking behind doing so is complicated. I won’t bore you with details.  I will offer that my personal goal for the fall is to write more frequently, specifically on my book. I also hope to write more frequently here, perhaps share excerpts of what I am writing.

In addition to this change, effective September 1 I am no longer a Merchandiser for Chloe & Isabel which, in turn, means I will no longer be donating funds to organizations supporting family preservation. However, I do have other plans in the works. I will share likely in the Spring.  I will give you one clue and it is a literary one.  It is one word : peripety.

Stay tuned!